Adoptable Animal

By nakedbarra | March 28, 2013

There are so many rescue societies in British Columbia, and so many SUPER cute adoptable animals. Going with our “featuring other people” theme, we’re going to show you an adoptable animal, along with a bit about the adoption society. 

Amber is a beautiful tortoiseshell kitty who

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has been waiting patiently for a home to call her own. She has big green eyes, a glossy coat, and a sweet disposition. In her previous home Amber was picked on by the other pets so she would like to find a quiet, adult Amber home where she will be the only pet. Amber’s finding it tough to get noticed because everyone is interested in those cute little kittens. She may have just celebrated her 9th birthday but Amber doesn’t fancy herself a ‘senior.’  She will make a great addition to a quiet family that would like some feline supervision. 

Ambers full bio can be found here.


She is available for Adoption through  Victoria Pet Adoption Society (VPAS), which is is a volunteer run, registered charitable foundation in Victoria, BC, Canada. VPAS’ goal is to rehabilitate homeless animals and place them into great homes. Victoria Pet Adoption Society is funded solely by adoption fees, fundraising events, and donations from the public. Their website is and they are on Facebook at Victoria Pet Adoption Society

If you’re interested in being Ambers forever family, please visit their website :)

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