Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Chase, Moses and Ryan would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas this year! They’ve had their photos taken with Santa and it looks like he has decided these guys will be on his Reindeer crew, just in time for Chase’s 14th birthday this December 26th! We’re told that Chase doesn’t know he’s old, ...

Sprite @ Rescue Paws!

Sprite @ Rescue Paws!
“Sprite was left paralyzed on the streets of Thailand; someone hit him over the back with a machete. With the help of Walkin’ Wheels, Sprite now lives a fulfilling and happy life, where he gets to go for walks and swims at the beach every day and play with the other dogs. He steals the ...

Safe and Happy HOWL-oween!

Safe and Happy HOWL-oween!
    Pets in costumes are adorable, but the main priority of pet parents on Halloween is SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY! Halloween can be a dangerous time for pets. Here are some tips to make it as safe and comfortable for them as possible.   Make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable in their costume ...

First time trying wheels!

First time trying wheels!
Here’s a little proof of just how much Border Collies love to play ball! Check out this video and watch to the end to see how well he’s doing for his first time in new wheels!

Wellness Wednesdays – Tristan

Wellness Wednesdays - Tristan
Last week, we received a couple videos of Tristan really enjoying his wheels. He’s been using his wheels since July, when these videos were taken, and as you can see, he knows how to move in his wheels! Recently Tristan has lost most of the use of his rear legs, so he has moved on ...

Quad Carts – Our Friend Wheeler

Quad Carts - Our Friend Wheeler
  Today we received a video of our friend Wheeler going on a “walk” (a run!) in his Quad Cart. Wheeler has a neurological condition and an underdeveloped spine, and used to use a rear only wheelchair, but a few months ago his front legs started to weaken and have some issues. He was doing ...

Wellness Wednesdays – Marley

Wellness Wednesdays - Marley
Today we’re featuring this beautiful girl Marley. Her mom sent us over a video of her using her Walkin’ Wheels for the first time and it was so long that we had to shorten it to upload it! This girl was immediately motoring around in her wheels. Her mom said she wasn’t nervous at all ...

Wellness Wednesdays – Winslow

Wellness Wednesdays - Winslow
After Winslow the goat was born, nobody was sure if he was going to make it. It was touch-and-go health wise, and his family didn’t know if the wheelchair was going to help him or not. They decided to rent a wheelchair to see if it was a viable option for him. They rented a ...

Wellness Wednesdays – Hunter

Wellness Wednesdays - Hunter
This week for Wellness Wednesday, we are featuring Hunter. Hunter is the best friend in the whole world, and has been there for his mom through thick and thin. He’s had an injured leg since he was a pup, and the area has started to weaken a bit more due to Hip Dysplasia. Hunter really ...

Wellness Wednesdays – UPDATE! – Brick

Wellness Wednesdays - UPDATE! - Brick
Brick is a sweet little pug who you may remember from one of our previous blog posts. Brick warmed our winter days with photos of his adorable outfits, rocking his new Walkin’ Wheels. At the time, Brick was still getting used to his wheels. We received an update from his family recently, and Brick is ...