Chocolate’s Walkin Wheels Small Wheelchair

By nakedbarra | February 20, 2012

Receiving great news from our Walkin Wheels friends is always the best part of this job. We just had great news about Chocolate, a sassy little dachshund who had a little trouble with her hind end and is now making a come back with the help of her new Walkin Wheels Small Dog Cart.

This is the news we recieved:

“Hi, just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. I am happy to tell you that Chocolate took to her small- wheels
right away. She has gained enough strength in her hind end that she is able to do some walking without her chair.
She needs it for long walks, but she can manage 1/2 mile now without it. We are very pleased that we have the
small wheels for when she needs it.

Thank you

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