Dog Carts, Now and Back Then

By nakedbarra | January 24, 2012

There was a day when, if a dog couldn’t walk, it meant the end of his or her life. WhetherJake in his Walkin Wheels cart due to injury, disease, or unknown causes – sometimes even temporary ones — a handicapped dog could not survive without inflicting great hardships on the caretaker. Not anymore.
Extraordinary care such as hip replacement, spinal surgery, and more may be beyond the means of most, but another device, a dog wheelchair, is quickly becoming the economical solution of choice. These devices, first invented by Dr. Lincoln J. Parkes in 1981, have come a long way; from a cobbled-together mass of pipes and clamps to the new, sleek, adjustable designs available today.

Lincoln Parkes’ original design consisted of a custom-fitted device made of aluminum tubing and clamps. It was complicated and cumbersome, but allowed the dog to move freely, run, play, and eliminate. It gave thousands of dogs many years of happy healthy life. Dog Wheelchairs are MUCH different now.

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