Dog Drag Bags

drag bagWhile it is only natural for a pet to want to continue moving through his or her environment, this dragging can cause problems such as scrapes and bruising. For incontinent pets who are also paralyzed, it is nearly impossible to keep a pet diaper or a male wrap on while he or she is dragging across the kitchen floor. So, the Walkin’ Wheels Drag Bag can serve a dual purpose by providing protection for the dog or cat’s hindquarters while also keeping a pet diaper or male wrap securely in place.

  •  Great for protecting the chest and limbs..Prevents abrasions and sores that can be caused by scraping against carpets, floors, and rough surfaces
  • Mesh panel for ventilation
  • Keeps bedding and blankets dry
  • Made of Nylon,
  • Machine washable
  • Comes in Blue only

Check out the video below to see the drag bag in action!

Size Weight Length Price
XXSmall   4 – 9 lbs 10″ $49.95
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XSmall  9 – 12 lbs 12″ $49.95
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Small 10 – 19 lbs 14.5″ $54.95
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Medium 20 – 30 lbs 17″ $54.95
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Large 31 – 45 lbs 21″ $54.95
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XLarge 45 – 65 lbs 24″ $74.95
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XXLarge 65 – 80 lbs 30″ $84.95
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The length measurement is from the elastic to end of bag. The elastic should be at your dogs armpit.

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