Dog Hero – Eve

By nakedbarra | March 26, 2013

Heroic Animals give me the warm fuzzies all over. Should we re-name this from #TrooperTuesdays to #BawlingmyeyesoutTuesdays? Just a couple sniffles this time, but you just wait. There are some fantastic animals out there.

In May of 2005, Kathie Vaughans newly purchased used truck started to fishtail out of control. Finally able to bring the truck to a stop, the cab started to fill with noxious fumes and black smoke. Vaughan, a paraplegic due to multiple sclerosis, pushed her wheelchair and her Rottweiler Eve out the door. As panic overwhelmed her, Kathie was in danger ofimgres-1 blacking out. Suddenly, Eves grabbed Kathies ankle and

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dragged her from the truck, 10 feet away to relative safety in a ditch. That’s when the truck burst into flames. Police, arriving on the scene, shouted that they have to get further away. The truck on fire, had flames approaching the gas tank. Absolutely exhausted, Kathie found she could hardly move. Eve offered Kathie her collar and dragged her another forty feet to safety while the firefighters eventually extinguished the blaze. The Heroic animal was awarded the prestigious Stillman Award for bravery.


I can only hope that I have an animal this great. If you do have a heroic animal, I’d LOVE to feature them here. Please send them to me! 

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