Dog Heros – Jinx & Hero

By nakedbarra | April 2, 2013

Today we’re featuring two #TrooperTuesday storys, and I am excited to announce I didn’t cry. Not a sniffle, not a squeak. These are still very heartwarming storys, and again shows us the kindness animals present. I’m featuring two because they’re short and I couldn’t decide between them! imgres-2

Jinx, a Chihuahua, began barking and awakened his owner, George Byrd, in the middle of the night. When Byrd looked outside his window, he saw a fire, and the flames were spreading to his apartment building. He called 911 and got all the other occupants out of the building. The fire was extinguished by the firemen and no one was injured. All because Jinx alerted his owner. Jinx is truly Byrd’s hero.


A golden retriever, coincidently named Hero, was just that to his owner Gareth Jones. When Jones, who is paralyzed from the waist down, and his wheelchair became stuck in mud in a remote, isolated area, Hero grabbed onto a rope held by Jones, and pulled him to safety. Hero received the All-Star Animal Award for bravery. Hero certainly lived up to his name.


As always, I’d love to hear your neighbours heroic animal story. Or your brothers, or that friend-of-a-friend you went to collage with. Please get there permission, as well as all the possible details! This is not limited

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to dogs and cats, either. I’ll take a heroic hedgehog any day! 

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