Dogs in Wheelchairs ?

By nakedbarra | December 16, 2011

wheelchairs would ever be common place? I’m sure you have seen them at the parks and trails getting around as if their legs were fully functioning. Just today I had the privilege of fitting Kubo, an integral and well loved family member regain full mobility with the use of his new Walkin Wheels wheelchair.

Kubo lost mobility after sustaining nerve damage in his left rear leg restricted his will to enjoy a long walk. A

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normally skittish Kubo took to his new cart with calm and confidence and like all new things, is taking time to regained mobility and learn his new capabilities.

So whether you have a pet that is just getting old and slow or is getting hip displacia there are tools available from ramps and steps to get in and out of your vehicle, to carts that can either help your dog complete those longer walks or give them the mobility back that they may have lost.

Disabled pets don’t have to face that horrible fateful trip to the vets anymore as there are many options available for them to live a long and happy life as they still have all the love and affection the have always given a companion or family.Kubo’s first steps in his new Walkin Wheels cart video

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