Featured Pet – Kelly

By nakedbarra | March 14, 2017

Say hello to Kelly! Kelly is a rescue dog and she currently has an amazing foster mom.

“It’s working out great!” She said. “We have finally been able to get out in it as the first couple of days we had it, it was so icy here that I could barely walk outside!  So now that she’s been able to get out, she really likes it.  She can walk and run in it and it allows her to still use her back legs which is building strength in them.  She can walk on her own but stumbles and falls a lot so long walks are difficult.  The wheelchair allows her to get out for longer walks and be a dog!  And it is saving my arm… I developed “tennis elbow” from carrying her around on a sling so I’m happy to have the chair as well!”

Good for you Kelly! We’re so glad that you’re in a good place.

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