Hero Dog

By nakedbarra | April 16, 2013

We’ve all seen the guide dogs, with the jacket on, giving an exceptional life to someone whose quality of life could be a lot less, without their dog. Hearing dogs, that assist their hearing-impaired human, as well as other service animals. cher

Have you ever heard of a “Thinking Dog”? No, he can’t tell you how great you look in that outfit, however it can assist with everyday tasks, such as getting fetching things: he can select a matching pair of shoes from a collection in a cupboard; distinguish between a landline and a mobile phone; take a piece of meat out of a deep freezer in the supermarket without puncturing the packaging. He’ll knows 20 or 30 people by name and, assuming they are within reasonable reach, could carry a note to them. He can also helps change diapers. 

Yes, you read that right. I’d like to introduce you to Orca, a thinking service dog. Cheryl Alexander of Yorkshire, England, has had Orca, a golden retriever, since 2003. Alexander, who works as a teacher, suffers from a nerve disease called Reflex Neuro­vascularDystrophy.  Due to the pain at times it’s impossible to bend down or do the simplest tasks while confined to a wheelchair.

Since Alexander became a mother a few months ago, Orca helps out with the dirty business of changing diapers. He helps fetch the changing mat, wipes and a new diaper before helping take off Lily’s onesie and even tossing the old diaper.

The 11-year-old is one of few canines to complete training as a “thinking dog.” He was also awarded a PDSA gold medal for saving Alexander’s life in 2003, when her wheelchair fell into a ditch. Orca ran out to get help and was able to convince a jogger to come to her aid. He also helps from loosing things, Alexander dropped a £10 note on the floor in the bank. A man tried to pick it up for her, but Orca put a paw on it and refused to move until the man had backed off. Then he picked it up and passed it to Smith himself.

Wow, I’m stunned. A dog is truly a Mans Best Friend, however when your dog exceeds your expectations, not to mention makes your life a lot easier, that is really a heroic act. 

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