Hero Dogs

By nakedbarra | May 8, 2013

Welcome once again to Trooper Tuesdays! Today is an up, down and up again day. 

Up, because we have a fantastic story about a hero dog who saved a boys life. Down, because the dog hurt himself, and up again because he ended up in one of our carts for dogs! See what I mean by up-down-and-up-again? 

Long John is a Great Dane with a big heart. He loves visiting the dog beach, and his new favorite position is “Dog Hero”.

Along with his friend Lola, Long John was having a great family day at the beach. Suddenly, Lola’s humans youngest son decided to try swimming in the ocean. A strong current quickly pulled him under.

While they were screaming, and the life guard started to head down, Long John ran into the water, grabbed the boys shirt with his mouth and pulled him out of the water. Instant relief was granted to the family, until suddenly, Long John went under the water himself. He had tripped on a giant rock and broke his ankle.

He saved the kid’s life, and everyone could not believe the hero Long John was by going after him and trying to save him. Unfortunately, the broken ankle became much worse from the way he fell, and needed much longer to recover than normal.

Since he’d need a long time to recover, as well as constant exercise in order to heal properly, there was no other option then to put him in a dog wheel chair! It would allow him to put small amounts of pressure on his broken limb as it progressed in healing. Now Long John enjoys his hero-style life at the beach. 


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