Hero Dogs

By nakedbarra | May 24, 2013

Hero Dogs, Military edition! Welcome to Trooper Tuesdays! The only reason I cried is because I was so proud of these next two dogs, Stubby and Trackr.chips320


In the U.S dogs are equally revered, especially in the military. A Pit Bull named Stubby once reached the rank of Sergeant for his heroic work during World War I. Sergeant Stubby served in some 17 battles during the war and became the most highly decorated dog in U.S. history. Another dog, a mixed breed named Chips, may be better known though. He served during the Second World War and was awarded both the Silver Star and Purple Heart, after serving in some 8 campaigns.


Trackr, and his owner, James Symington, were the first k-9 rescue team to arrive at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, and the pair helped locate the last human survivor underneath 30 feet of unstable debris. Trackr, who was 16 when he passed, suffered from a degenerative neurological disorder that impaired the use of his back legs. His disorder may be linked to exposure to toxic smoke at Ground Zero, experts say. After winning a contest from BioArts International, James Symington was able to clone his best friend, providing him with 5 Trackr-cloned puppies. He has said he hopes to put the 5 new dogs in search-and-rescue teams, honoring the late Trackr and all he did.imgres-12

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