Heroic Dog- Shana

By nakedbarra | March 19, 2013

The first “Hero Dog” that comes to mind for me personally, is Lassie. Saving poor little Timmy from that well… What a good dog! 

I decided to look into what other heroic dogs there are out there. WOW! There are a lot. Dogs (and even cats) seen to have this super-animal-power that just enable them to know when there is danger near. That is why I’m going to do a new story every week about a heroic animal. 

The first story I would like to share really gets me going. I shed a little tear, so I advance apologize if that happens to you as well.

In October 2006, Eve and Norman Fertig,would of never guessed that their rescued half Wolf, half German Shepard dog, Shana, would saved their lives, and kept them warm for Fertigthe next 3 days.

As they were heading to the forest sanctuary for feedings around 7pm, the power went out and massive trees fell all around, stranding them in a narrow alley, easily 200 feet away from their home. Thinking they were going to die out there, the Fertigs huddled together for warmth. That’s when Sharna started digging a tunnel under the trees, making it look similar to a mineshaft. Two hours later, she came back and started barking at them, wanting her owners to follow them. After a minor disagreement between the couple, they started into the tunnel. At around 2am, they made it to the house – which had no electricity and no heat. The next morning, fire fighters (who had been called by concerned neighbors) found the couple underneath their dog. Acting as a human generator, Shana kept her owners warm throughout the night. While urged to come to the local fire hall with the rest of the townsfolk, the Fetigs would be unable to bring their furry hero. They declined the urges, an over the next 3 days, Shana slept with her owners to keep them warm, while local fire crews worked to clear trees, as well as bring food and water for both the humans and the dog. Once it had cleared out, the Fertigs and Shana were able

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to occupy the fire hall, where Shana was ‘spoiled rotten’ by the fire crews. Shana received the Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment’s Hero’s Award for her bravery, an award traditionally given to humans. Eve and Norman credit their survival solely on Shana, and are eternally grateful to her. 

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