Is a Wheelchair Right for my Dog?

By nakedbarra | February 2, 2012

Most often we are approached by people who have recently and suddenly been faced with a situation that has left their loved companion either injured, paralyzed or handicapped due to a disease or medical complication.

They are often faced with having to educate themselves in a big hurry on whats available for their dog’s mobility options and a dog wheelchair or cart is definitely a great option in most cases.

Some carts require many measurements and can take weeks to arrive but when your dog needs one now the Walkin Wheels dog wheelchair is the cart most chosen as it only requires 1 measurement and custom fits your dogs shape and size and can be shipped same day providing your dog that important mobility right away to keep your dog moving for rehabilitation both physically and mentally.

The conditions listed below should help you make your decision about is a wheelchair right for my dog

Paralyzed Dog: The most obvious candidate for a dog wheelchair is an animal that can get around by dragging his back-end behind him. These dogs, due to paralysis, injury, or disease are otherwise healthy, but have no feeling or control of their back end. The fact that they are able to drag themselves along with their front legs suggests that they are strong enough to be nearly completely mobile in a rear wheel wheelchair.

Weakness: Older dogs, and animals with arthritis, muscle soreness, and in the beginning stages of degenerative disease can use a wheelchair when they get tired. If the wheelchair can be taken with you on a walk, it can be put on the dog at the first signs of tiredness. This avoids a common problem of taking a long walk with a

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older dog and having him lie down while still miles away from home.

Three Legged Dogs: Tripods are not usually considered “Handicapped Pets” because they can run and play and be as active as 4 legged dogs. Once they get used to the loss of their leg they can often compensate to nearly 100%. There is, though, a danger. It is critically important, with a three-legged dog, that the remaining leg be cared for with a great deal of vigilance; should this leg fail, complications can be severe. A three-legged dog should be put in a wheelchair when he get tired, or while recuperating if there is a mild injury on the remaining leg.

Rehabilitation: After surgery, or during recovery of any kind, it is often important to keep weight off the dog’s legs, back, or other area. IN many cases, this requirement can use the dog to be kept in a crate for weeks or months. This loss of activity and muscle-tone can cause complications. Using a wheelchair during rehabilitation can give the dog the exercise he needs to support the healing process and keep him healthy during recovery.

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