Featured Pet! Louix Von Drumstix

By nakedbarra | March 10, 2017


 One of our newest friends, Louix Von Drumstix, just received his hock splint and hock wrap in the mail. His mom actually works in the industry of making braces for humans! This little guy was having some issues with his hock joints. They didn’t quite stay in place properly, causing his leg to be a bit “floppy” at the joints.

Right now, he’s wearing one Walkin’ Hock Splint and one Walkin’ Hock Wrap. Both have varying levels of support, the splint being a bit more supportive, and the wrap being more of a mild-moderate support.

Louix Von Drumstix’s Mom actually lined the inside of the splint with some sheep skin. He doesn’t have any hair on his legs, so she wanted to give him some extra comfort! Also, Louix is a VERY small Chinese Crested, and you can see that the sheep skin helps to fit the splint a little bit better.

As you can see, he’s got a pretty good deal going on, and seems to be living it up on the back of Mom’s bike!


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