Merry Christmas!

By nakedbarra | December 20, 2017

Chase, Moses and Ryan would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas this year! They’ve had their photos taken with Santa and it looks like he has decided these guys will be on his Reindeer crew, just in time for Chase’s 14th birthday this December 26th! We’re told that Chase doesn’t know he’s old, and you can really tell by the good spirited look in his eyes that this is true.

Chase recently upgraded from his rear only Walkin’ Wheels to a quad cart with 4 wheels which he uses during his Chiropractor appointments.

We were also sent a photo from last Christmas (See below) with their sister, Missy (shown in the Halloween photo below.) Sadly, Missy passed away suddenly after this photo was taken for Halloween. She is deeply missed by her family, and we hope that memories of her are keeping them warm this Christmas.

These pics of Santa’s little Reindeer have definitely given us some added Christmas cheer this season, and we hope they have done the same for you. If you want your pets to spread a little Christmas cheer this year, please email pictures to with a short story, and we’ll share them!




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