My Dog Needs a Wheelchair

By nakedbarra | August 30, 2012


There are a number of reasons why your dog may need a wheelchair.

Whether it be as a result of a paralyzing injury, to assist with a decline in mobility caused by an illness, as a way to help him or her recover from surgery, or to use while receiving rehabilitative therapy. The Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair from is the ideal dog wheelchair for all of these situations. It can be adjusted to fit any size dog and any level of mobility from partial to complete paralysis of the rear legs.


Quite often we are asked why the walkin wheels carts only need 1 measurement where the others need up to 17 measurements and I am glad you asked. The adjustability of the Walkin Wheels is so great that it allows adjustment as your dog either grows, changes, or even gets a little porky in its senior years. Where as the “cool custom” carts are built to fit the 17 measurements exactly with no or little adjustment, also making there’s less valuable at a time of resale. The Walkin Wheels retains a high resale value.

Ordering a Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair is very simple. Dog owners can place an order online using the online store with only 1 simple measurement. The Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair ships the same day you place your order, and overnight delivery is available.

The Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchair is also ideal for use by rescue groups and animal shelters because it can be used by different sizes and breeds of dogs, due to its widely adjustable frame and range of wheel and strut kits for different heights (all with the 1 same frame.)

The Walkin Wheels Mini is equally adjustable for poochs and cats between 5 and 25lbs and even comes in blue and pink for that personal touch for the boys and gals.

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