New! Walkin’ Rear Support Leash



Features of the Walkin’ Rear Support Leash

The Walkin’ Rear Support Leash is designed to support your dog’s hind end.

  • Assist aging dogs to rise from a lying down position
  • Assist aging, disabled, or injured dogs walking up/down stairs
  • Steady pets who are unstable on their hind legs
  • One size fits dogs 20-150 lbs.
  • Adjustable leg pads and leash handle length

Do NOT attempt to completely lift your dog’s legs off the ground with this leash!

One sizes fits dogs 20-150 lbs!


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rear-support-leash-2 $29.99

One size fits dogs 20-150 lbs

A support leash to assist aging or disabled dogs from a sitting position to a standing position, or while walking!