Quad Carts – Our Friend Wheeler

By nakedbarra | August 10, 2017


Today we received a video of our friend Wheeler going on a “walk” (a run!) in his Quad Cart. Wheeler has a neurological condition and an underdeveloped spine, and used to use a rear only wheelchair, but a few months ago his front legs started to weaken and have some issues. He was doing some face-planting and having a hard time getting around. He upgraded to the Quad Cart and has been doing amazing! He needs a little bit of guidance with the leash to take turns, but otherwise he can really motor! Take a look at the video below to see him Wheelin’!

Dogs using Quad Carts will have varying degrees of abilities based on their unique medical conditions, and we’re very impressed with Wheeler’s speed! Of course it helps to have an amazing family standing behind him through all of his achievements! ;)

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