Rental Cart/Wheelchair Policies and Procedures

Our Rental system is great when you only need a cart for a short while while recovering from surgery or even a test run to see if a cart is going to work for you and your pet.

  1. When you order a rental wheelchair / Cart the rental deposit is equivalent to the retail price for that size cart. It will be a fully serviceable wheelchair with gentle use from our rental fleet. The full guarantee applies.
  2. When the Cart is returned within the 6 weeks minimum rental period we then refund 50% of the deposit, minus any and all shipping fee’s and due to hygiene reasons the cost for rear Leg rings which are non returnable. If additional refurbishing is needed, there may be a small additional charge.
  3. When returned between 6-12 weeks a weekly charge will be deducted from your refund. ( Walkin Wheels Mini $25.00, Larger carts $45.00 a week).
  4. All rental carts come in Blue only with ridged foam wheels only and all carts returned under the rental wheelchair policy will be refunded at the foam wheel price.
  5. When returning your rental cart please include our RETURNS AUTHORIZATION FORM  with a RMA # from us when you call our office when you are ready to return.
  6. Any and all shipping fee’s and charges are the responsibility of the renter.
  7. We expect general use wear on the wheelchairs while being rented but any excessive wear or damage will add an additional fee.
  8. The minimum 6 week rental fee applies to any cart rented even when returned early.

Please make sure you tell us you’re looking for a Rental Unit when making your order or it will be treated as a new unit sale.