Safe and Happy HOWL-oween!

By nakedbarra | October 31, 2017


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Walkin' Pets Halloween 2017


Pets in costumes are adorable, but the main priority of pet parents on Halloween is


Halloween can be a dangerous time for pets. Here are some tips to make it as safe and comfortable for them as possible.


  1. Make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable in their costume if you are going to dress them up. It shouldn’t interfere with their ability to breath, hear or move, and watch out to make sure it doesn’t pose a choking hazard. Watch for signs of distress in your pet, and make sure to remove the costume if they get really uncomfortable.
  2. Keep lit Pumpkins away from your pet… this is a huge one! Your dog may even be attracted to the smell of the Pumpkin and make an attempt to eat it.
  3. Set up a safe space. A nice quiet room with some toys and blankets, and a TV on if possible to drown out the noise from outside like firecrackers and screams.
  4. Keep your pet indoors if at all possible. There are many risks to your pet including them getting spooked and lost, or being the victim of a horrible prank.
  5.  Keep tabs by making sure their microchip information is up to date at your vet. This is the best option for locating your pet if they do go missing.
  6. Never forget the age old rule… Chocolate (or any candy) is not good for your pets, so keep the candy bowl up and away from sneaky paws!

Wishing you a safe and happy HOWL-oween (Or MEOWL-oween!)

From Handicapped Pets Canada!

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