Tazer is Exceeding Expectations with his New Cart

By nakedbarra | December 17, 2011
We love hearing back from our customers and just recently we received this great Story about Tazer the wonder dog who recently lost mobility of his hind legs but has now regained mobility thanks to his new Walkin Wheels dog cart.
Thank you so much Andrew for the wheelchair! We hooked tazer up today. He immediately walked with it and pulled it around the grass. He went to the gate to go for a walk in it like he knew what it was for, so i grabbed the leash and away we went!.. he rolled it down the small incline driveway and onto the street – pulled it across the street and off road onto the grass and leaves, and wanted to go to the park.!
At the same time, his tail was wagging and he was barking an excited loud bark as he does when he is happy!! he never shut up!! We wandered up and down the street and he didn’t want to come home. But we didn’t want to over do it! Before the wheelchair, he was lying on the couch looking out the window, for three months! Now he will be able to get out and get some fresh air and live again! So the wheelchair has brought life back into our house not only for him but for us!! yeah!!

He is a big strong dog and i am glad i got the longer taller size, as under 17 would’ve probably been too short for him.

Many many thanks!!! Sue

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