The advantages of a dog or cat Splint / Brace

By nakedbarra | May 7, 2012

Sometimes due to a degenerative condition or after surgery, our four legged companions needfront_003 a little assistance from a splint or brace device to help them get around. Advancements in veterinary orthopedics has definitely kept pace with our human world and a large range of Hock, Carpal and leg braces are available now and are easily fitted and adjusted for that perfect fit.

Dog Brace and Cat Brace Advantages:

  • Ortho splints keep the dog or cats limb in a “normal walking position”, thus allowing weight bearing of the affected limb.
  • Provides extra support for fractures of the lower limb.
  • Stabilization for arthritic joints and tendon/ligament weakness.
  • Reduces the costs associated with bandaging, degloving injuries and casting.
  • Prevents knuckling of lower limbs associated with nerve paralysis.
  • Ease of application and lightweight construction increases owner and patient compliance.
  • Dog Splints and a Cat Brace keep the lower limb in a normal position to reduce contracture problems.
  • Immobilization for post-operative and rehabilitation.
  • Full range of sizes for all ages of dogs. Feline or Small Dog size is available.

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