Walkin Wheels Small Front Vest

Designed for smaller breed dogs, such as Dachshunds with a broader chest. It is used in place of the front harness that comes with the Small Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair. The Front Vest is made of a durable cloth material, with a soft fleece lining and secures together with Velcro.  Compatible only with the Small, Rear Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair. Because this vest is designed for smaller breed dogs, an XL size is not for what you would call an “XL dog”.

Small vest measuring


In order to determine a front vest size, you will need to measure your dog.
Measure the girth of your dog’s chest right behind his front legs all the way around body. (the widest part of his rib cage).
Once you have the measurement, you can determine what size Front Vest your dog will need.

Small Wheelchair vest

Size Chest Girth Price
 Small 14″ – 16.5″ $49.95
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Medium 16″ – 18.5″ $49.95
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Medium/Large 18″ – 20.5″ $49.95
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Large 20″ – 22.5″ $49.95
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XLarge 22″ – 24.5″ $49.95
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