Walkin’ Wheels Small Quad Carts


mini-4-widerThe Walkin’ Wheels Quad Cart is for dogs with weakness in all four limbs or amputees or tripods. This front end addition to the standard rear end wheelchair includes an attractive and functional set of caster wheels which will allow a dog with decreasing mobility of the front legs to get exercise.

The Walkin’ Wheels Quad Cart is available in blue. For pink or designer camo quad carts, it is a custom order that will take longer for delivery. $25.00 extra for Designer Camo.

 Walkin’ Wheels Small Quad Cart Features

  • Fully adjustable – accommodates small dogs approximately 8-24 lbs.
  • Simple to measure
  • Padded chin rest for comfort and safety.
  • Safe and Stable
  • Easily converts the rear end cart into a quad wheelchair
For medium and large quad carts, CLICK HERE!

If you require assistance with sizing or ordering, please call us at 778-809-7421

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The Parts of the Small Front Dog Wheelchair
Looking to buy spare parts? Click here!

Like the rest of Walkin’ Wheels products, the front wheel extension is adjustable so it will fit the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for any size dog from 7 to 29 pounds and can be easily removed at any time.

In the Package:

Parts of Walkin' Wheels Small Front Extension

The front wheel kit extensions are easy to assemble and snap into the cart.  The package contains:

A- Left and Right Extenders (2).  These replace the side extenders that originally came with your Walkin’ Wheels Rear Wheelchair.  The side extenders will have a white label with “left front” or “right front”.  Silver socket screws will be on the outside of cart used to attach tubular leg rings.

B- Struts and Legs (2).  The silver strut will fit inside the blue or pink wheelchair leg on frame to adjust the height by a push button on the strut.

C1. Leg Adapters (2). The leg adapter is only for the 3″ wheels. The blue or pink caster adapters will be marked with a raised “L” or “R” to indicate which side they are installed on. This is VERY important. The raised L or R should face the inside of the wheelchair with you standing behind the wheelchair.
C2. Strut and wheel (2). Strut attached to 2″ wheel which is for shorter dogs like Dachshunds.

D- Front Leg Rings (1).  The tubular leg rings will be installed just like the rear ones. The straps go over the frame and then insert the black plastic clip on the silver shoulder socket peg and push upward. You will hear a click to know it is locked into place. Leg rings should look like two C’s and not two V’s. The dog’s legs will go inside each ring to support his/her body in the front. To remove the Leg Rings, put your thumb on the circle and pull down.

Note:  Make sure the side extender bars are parallel to the ground by adjusting the height.

What Comes With the Walkin’ Wheels Small Dog Wheelchair (Standard Rear)


What’s In the Box?

  • 1 Frame
  • 2 Sets of extenders
  • 2 Connectors
  • 1 Set (2) 4″ Foam Wheels attached to 6″ struts
  • 1 Front Harness with Sleeves
  • 1 Set Leg Rings Rear Support Saddle
  • 1 Belly Belt
  • 2 Stirrups
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Set Handles that Clip onto Leg Rings and wheelchair

Foam Wheels

The foam wheels are great for all terrains. They feature a dense foam interior with an outer rubber layer. These wheels will not puncture, wear extremely well, and are easy to clean.
Sizes available for small wheelchair: 4″, 8″

The Parts of the Small Dog Wheelchair


The frame is blue, camo or pink powder-coated aluminum. It will not bend, break or rust. On each side of the frame are black knuckles which hold the leg of the wheelchair to the frame. The black end cap will be facing up. The wheels/struts will be inserted into the leg and adjusted to the proper height. The knuckle has a high and low setting which can be adjusted with a Phillips screwdriver (see DVD instructions).


Width Connectors: (2 connectors with regular frame)

Your wheelchair will come with two width connectors (7″ and 4″). One is already installed in the back of your cart. Adjust the width so there is 1″ on each side of your dog’s body and the black knuckle on the cart frame. If you need more width, the cart comes equipped with a longer connector in the box.

small extendersLength Extenders:

Your wheelchair will come with two extenders (side rails) installed which determine the length of your dog. The length of the extender should end in the middle of the dog’s front leg. It should not pass the front leg.  Note:  If the button is inside the black knuckle, use a pen tip to push it through to the next button position.

The Front Harness: FrontHarness-2The dog’s head goes between the blue and black strap, and the red strap goes around the chest and clips on the side of the harness.

The shoulder pads (A) are made of neoprene and keep the straps and buckles from causing discomfort for the dog. The red strap (B) goes behind the front legs, underneath the chest and holds the front harness securely when clipped into the side panel. Neoprene comfort sleeves wrap around the straps for the dogs comfort. It is best to take comfort sleeves off while adjusting the three straps snug to your dog. Comfort sleeves can be cut in half if they are too long.pg13-2

Parts of the Wheel Kit



One set comes in wheel kit.

Struts are what the wheels are attached to which then snap into the cart. The struts are adjustable within a range of three inches. The small wheelchair struts come in 4 different sizes: 6, 9, & 11 inches. Each small wheelchair kit comes with the appropriate struts to fit pets with a 3″ – 8″ Fold of flank. For pets with an 8″ – 15″ fold of flank, you will receive an add on wheel and strut kit.

DSC065271Leg Rings (Shown Attached to the Dog Wheelchair)

The hindquarters of the dog are held in place by the leg rings, or our rear harness support system. We have found that most dogs adapt quickly to the leg rings. The leg rings are included with the cart.

The leg rings that come with your Walkin’ Wheels work great used as a lifting harness. The excess strapping can be Velco together to make handles on each side.

 Wheels & Struts:
The wheels are attached to a metal piece called a “strut”. At the end of the strut, you will see a push button. The wheels should be inserted into the leg of the wheelchair with the push button on the outside to determine the height.


BellyBelt-1Belly Belt:

The Belly Belt will help support your dog’s back. Highly recommended for:
1. Dogs with a long back
2. Overweight or eldery dogs
3. Dogs with curvature of the spine
4. Dogs with disc problems

One Belly Belt is included with each wheel kit.




These are used to keep your animal’s back legs from dragging on the ground if the legs are paralyzed or weak. The length of the stirrups can be easily adjusted by moving the clip down on the rope and re-tying the knot.


DSC06528-Edit-bothThe Manual & DVD:

This literature and DVD will be included with the cart. Please watch the DVD before setting up the cart to give you a full understanding of how the cart works. If you have any questions, you should call Handicappedpetscanada.com, 778-809-7421.


Toolkit-1Tool Kit:

The tool kit comes in a plastic bag and includes:

– Allen Wrench
– Set Screws (8) You only need to use 6 set screws total.
2 – bottom of the legs
2 – end of frame
2- width
You will see small holes where the set screws are attached. This will keep the frame from rattlling and tightens everything up.

Note: An adjustment to the dog wheelchair, requiring a phillips screwdriver, is required for dogs over 6 inches high. If you would like us to make this adjustment for you, please let us know when you place your order.

If your dog has a fold of flank (FOF) higher than 15″, please see the medium and large cart sizes.

Contact Us or give us a call at Ph# 778-809-742



Facts, Answers and Questions

“Can my Pet Pee and Poop in the Wheelchair?”
Yes, that’s the point of the dog wheelchair — to help your dog get the exercise he needs… and do his business!

Video Thumbnail
Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair Bathroom Break

“How do I know if I need front wheels for my dog?
You will need to add the front wheels if your dog suffers from weakness in the forelimbs. If you already have the rear wheelchair and your dog keeps falling in the front, then he is a good candidate for the four wheel wheelchair. The four wheel wheelchair is ideal to provide full body support for your dog to help them live an active life.

“Is this easy to assemble?
The front wheels are easy to assemble. You will take out the rear extenders and replace them with what comes in the kit. Everything is adjustable with push buttons to get the perfect fitting.

“Can my Pet Use his/her Rear Legs in the Wheelchair?”
Yes, we encourage your dog to use his/her rear legs as much as they can to maintain muscle mass and to get exercise. If the rear legs are paralyzed, then the stirrups will keep their legs from dragging.

“How Do I Measure My Dog?”
Click here to find out

“Is the wheelchair easy to transport?”
This Wheelchair folds flat for easy transport. Fits in tote bag. (included)

“Will this wheelchair rehabilitate my dog?”
We have seen varying degrees of recovery with dogs using the wheelchair. Some dogs have been able to improve so much that they no longer needed the wheelchair. Every dog and disability are unique. While your dog is in the wheelchair they are getting physical therapy improving their physical and mental health.

“What is the return policy?”
It is our intention that every Walkin’ Wheels user be happy with their wheelchair. If you experience problems, please call us. Often we can help with a simple adjustment. If you feel the wheelchair is not for you, we can issue a RETURN MATERIALS AUTHORIZATION. Please note that wheelchairs returned without a return materials authorization will not receive credit. Please click here for full return policy

“How to tell if the Cart is Adjusted Properly”
When the cart is adjusted properly, the animal stands in a ‘natural’ position. Here’s what to check. Refer to the figure below.


A – Knuckle at the hips. If you were to draw an imaginary line from one knuckle to the other, the line would pass right through the dog’s hips… where the bone of the leg meets the bones of the body. If not, tighten harness and/or adjust length. Allow 1″ on each side between dog and black knuckle.
B – Front Support loop at the shoulder. The loop on the front harness that the bar goes through should be at the shoulder. Adjust the straps so that the loop is held firmly against the shoulder. Then clip into cart.
C – The dogs back needs to be straight or arched UP (slight hunch). In this photo the dog’s back is arched down a little. This is NOT correct and this dog needs the Belly Strap.
D – The back legs need to be just touching, or just off the ground, depending on the health of the back legs. If the dog wants to use his back legs, then allow his feet to touch lightly. This is often adjusted by tightening the straps that hold the harness to the frame – this brings the dog’s seat up. (Take the dog out of the harness before adjusting.) If the height of the harness cannot be changed, then lengthen the leg struts. Consider boots if the feet drag. Use the stirrups if the dog cannot use his back legs or the feet are dragging on the ground.
E – The horizontal bar needs to be level.

If you have tried all of the suggestions and are still having a hard time, please call us at 778-809-7421. Our staff will be happy to assist you.


Measuring your existing small cart for the Quad Attachment Kit

Take a tape measure and measure from each end of the Walkin’ Wheels strut. Measure the diameter of the wheel as shown above.

Match the sizes of your struts and wheels with the options in the pricing tab or at the checkout! It’s that easy.
If you’re measuring for your pet’s very first wheelchair, see the instructions below.

Measuring for your pet’s very first small wheelchair

Dimensions required to fit a standard Small Wheelchair:
(If your pet’s dimensions fall a bit out of this range, give us a call to confirm if an adjustment can be added to fit your pet into a small.)

1. Width:
From 4″ – 8″ wide
2. Fold of Flank:
From 3″ – 8″
(Add ons available up to 15″)
3. Length:
From 10″ – 17″
(Back of front leg to back of rear leg.)


Wheel Options:

The small cart comes with a standard wheel and strut kit which will fit animals with a fold of flank between 3″ and 8″. Not to worry, if your pet’s fold of flank is between 8″ and 15″, you can still use the small size! All you need is a different wheel and strut kit.

The Walkin’ Wheels Small Cart can accommodate 4″ or 8″ wheels. The bigger the wheels, the easier it is to maneuver over obstacles or on grass. If your dog stays mostly on cement and sidewalks, the 4″ wheels will work great. If your dog spends a great deal of time on grass and in parks, you can opt for the 8″ wheels instead.

Together, the struts and wheels to adjust the height of the cart. Below are the wheel and strut kits required for dogs with various folds of flank (FOF) between 8″ and 15″.

FOF Wheel Kit Price
5″ – 10″ 9″ Strut with 8″ Wheel $49.95
8″ – 13″ 11″ Strut with 4″ Wheels $49.95
5″ – 9″ 6″ Strut with 8″ Wheels $54.95
8″ – 12″ 9″ Strut with 8″ Wheels $54.95
11″ – 15″ 11″ Strut with 8″ Wheels $59.95

From left to right: 6″ strut with 8″ wheel, 9″ strut with 8″ wheel, 9″ strut with 4″ wheel



The pricing below is for four wheeled quad carts. For information on rear only wheelchairs, click here.

Front Wheel Quad Attachment Only

If you already have the rear Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair and just need the front wheel attachment kit to make your Walkin Wheels into a quad cart, then click on the “Buy Now” Links below for the front wheel attachment kit only. If you are ordering your wheelchair for the first time and require a full quad cart, scroll down to the full quad cart table.

Small Front End Attachment Only – $205.00
See next table for full small quad carts

Size Fold of Flank Body Length Price
Small A  4″ – 6.9″  9.9″ or less $205.00
Buy Now!
Small B  4″ – 6.9″ 10″ or more $205.00
Buy Now!
Small C  7″  – 12.9″  9.9″ or less $205.00
Buy Now!
Small D  7″ – 12″  10″ or more $205.00
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Small E 13″ – 17″ 9.9′ or less $205.00
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Small F 13″ – 17″ 10″ or more $205.00
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Full Small Quad Carts

 Size Fold of Flank Body Length Price
 Small Quad A  4″ – 6.9″  9.9″ or less $504.00
Buy Now!
 Small Quad B  4″ – 6.9″ 10″ or more $504.00
Buy Now!
 Small Quad C  7″  – 12.9″ 9.9″ or less  $549.00
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 Small Quad D  7″ – 12″  10″ or more $549.00
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 Small Quad E 13″ – 17″ 9.9′ or less $559.00
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 Small Quad F 13″ – 17″ 10″ or more  $559.00
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Accessories and Upgrades

Small Quad Cart Add-ons:

Walkin’ Boots with Stirrups From $34.85

Click here to learn more…

Combining the Walkin’ Wheels Dog Boots with the clip on stirrups allows your pet to use their back legs but keep them off the ground when needed. The boots will protect the paws and the elastic clips that attach to the boots can be adjusted for height.

You can also purchase individual boots or boots in sets of 4 without the stirrups for pets who’s paws remain on the ground while in their wheelchair.

Fabric Walkin’ Lift Harness – From $50.99


Click here to learn more!

The Walkin’ Wheels Rear Harness is used to support your dogs hind quarters. This harness is compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair, and can be used instead of the Leg Rings.

The outside of the harness is made from a durable canvas and trimmed to perfection for comfort and the inside of the harness is made from a soft fleece lining giving your dog the most comfortable fit while wearing the harness.


Walkin’ Wheels License Plates From $29.95

Click here to learn more!

Customize your pet’s Walkin’ Wheels with a personal license plate! These plates can be showcased on the back of your pet’s wheelchair. You can choose the background and text to appear on the license plate!
Compatible with all Walkin’ Wheels sizes!

The Front Neoprene HarnesFrom $39.99

Click here to learn more!

The new Front Neoprene Harness is used to support the front legs of your dog. This harness is compatible with the Quad Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair and can be used instead of the leg rings for extra support and comfort.

Walkin’ Belly Support – From $32.99

Click here to learn more!

Provides additional support for dog’s back while in the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Walkin’ Belly Support raises the middle of the pet’s body to relieve undue stress on the back. This is a good option for dogs with back injuries.

Walkin’ Amputee Cover – $19.95

Click here to learn more!

For pets that have a leg amputation we have developed the Leg Ring Cover. The cover fits over the leg ring to accommodate a pet that has had a smooth amputation. This makes it more comfortable for your pet. It is made of soft neoprene, can be washed and hung to dry, like all of our soft products.

Walkin’ Wheels Wind Up Toy


A miniature version of the revolutionary, adjustable dog wheelchair that is changing the way handicapped pets live, walk and play!


Add to Cart

Walkin’ Wheels 2018 Calendar 

The Walkin’ Pets 2018 Calendar features 13 winning dogs who competed in the 3rd annual Walkin’ Pets calendar contest, plus hundreds more pictured throughout the calendar. Sure to make you smile and inspire your days!


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Because of their unique design and compact size, the Small and Mini Walkin Wheels are easy to transport.  They do not fold or come with a Tote Bag (only the regular cart is designed to fold and has the tote bag to carry it around.)

Photos and Videos

Small Quad Cart Photos

Click to enlarge

Small Quad Cart Videos

Video Thumbnail
My pug Sadie walking with her Walkin Wheels wheelchair
Video Thumbnail
Walkin' Wheels Mini Fully Supportive Dog Wheelchair

Manual and Instructions

Small Quad Cart Instructions

PDF Small Wheelchair Manual – Includes Front End Instructions

Attaching the Front End

Video Thumbnail
Small Front Wheel Attachment to the Walkin' Wheels dog wheelchair - Assembly Instructions

How to Adjust the Small Wheelchair Part 1

Video Thumbnail
How to Adjust The Walkin' Wheels Small Dog Wheelchair

How to Adjust the Small Wheelchair Part 2

Video Thumbnail
Adjusting The Height of The Walkin' Wheels Small

Buy Now

Small Front End Attachment Only – $205.00
See next table for full small quad carts

Size Fold of Flank Body Length Price
Small A  4″ – 6.9″  9.9″ or less $205.00
Buy Now!
Small B  4″ – 6.9″ 10″ or more $205.00
Buy Now!
Small C  7″  – 12.9″  9.9″ or less $205.00
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Small D  7″ – 12″  10″ or more $205.00
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Small E 13″ – 17″ 9.9′ or less $205.00
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Small F 13″ – 17″ 10″ or more $205.00
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Full Small Quad Carts

 Size Fold of Flank Body Length Price
 Small Quad A  4″ – 6.9″  9.9″ or less $504.00
Buy Now!
 Small Quad B  4″ – 6.9″ 10″ or more $504.00
Buy Now!
 Small Quad C  7″  – 12.9″ 9.9″ or less  $549.00
Buy Now!
 Small Quad D  7″ – 12″  10″ or more $549.00
Buy Now!
 Small Quad E 13″ – 17″ 9.9′ or less $559.00
Buy Now!
 Small Quad F 13″ – 17″ 10″ or more  $559.00
Buy Now!

The Walkin’ Wheels Medium or Large Quad Cart is for dogs with weakness in all four limbs or amputees or tripods. This front end addition to the standard rear end wheelchair includes an attractive and functional set of caster wheels will allow a dog with decreasing mobility of the front legs to get exercise.

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