Walkin Wheels Return Policies

Returns Policy

Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchair 
*Walkin Wheels Wheelchairs come with a 1 year warranty included on hardware covering manufacturers defects and 90 days on harnesses and tires due to general wear and tear.

HandicappedPetsCanada.com has the highest level of customer satisfaction and the best return policy in the industry. In addition we make every effort to make sure that our return policy is understood by every customer before purchasing the product, and again before unsealing the package.

Our mission is to help your dog walk, and we will do whatever we can to accomplish that.

It is our intention that every Walkin’ Wheels user be happy with their wheelchair. If you experience problems, please call us. Often we can help with a simple adjustment. If you feel the cart is not for you, we can issue a RETURNS AUTHORIZATION FORM. Please note that carts returned without a return materials authorization number will not receive credit.

 If you return the cart to us, unopened with seal in tacked  with a RETURNS AUTHORIZATION FORM we will refund 95% of the cost of the entire cart, less any shipping fee’s and charges including return shipping fee’s and charges.
 If you try the cart and it does not work for your pet because of the design or fit, call us within 14 days from the day the cart is delivered to you. If we can’t correct it, fill out our RETURNS AUTHORIZATION FORM including the return materials authorization # we issue you and we will refund you up to 80% of the cart’s cost (less any and all shipping). If refurbishing is needed due to scratches or wear, this will reduce your refund, cart must be packaged with original packaging for the return to reduce the risk of damage during your return shipping.  The Rear Leg Rings, and the (optional) Walkin’ Lift Rear Harness cannot be returned for hygiene reasons once it has been tried on the dog. The Walkin’ Lift is useful without the cart, as a lifting harness to help your dog walk. Our optional handles are useful for this.

Any returned cart must have a return postal ship date within 1 week of RMA # issue date.

Sometimes, when an animal caretaker buys a dog wheelchair, it simply doesn’t work. There are several possible reasons for this. Some can be helped and some can not. Often, by looking at photos, watching videos, and drawing on our experience with thousands of dogs, we can help you figure out how to get it to work. This is why we need you to call us before returning it. Often, after a brief phone call, your dog will be running and playing again. Other times, though, there is nothing we can do. Whether it is due to the dog’s specific condition or temperament, or the wheelchair design, if the product will not work for your dog, we invite you to return it.

1.Policies, Procedures and Returns

Time Frame for Returns
  1. To qualify for a return on ANY item, you must call us within 14 days of receiving the item to request an RMA #.
  2. Fill out one of our Returns Authorization Forms with your RMA#.
  3. The item must be shipped back to us with the return form within 7 days after you are given your RMA#.
Discounted Items
 Items that have been discounted for any reason, including clearance, sale items, or used items, are a final sale and are non-refundable.
 New Unopened Refund
 New unopened products returned because they were no longer needed and are still in original packaging with the seal in tacked will receive a full refund (not including shipping) and must be returned with our RETURNS AUTHORIZATION FORM including the RMA# issued during a telephone or email correspondence. (778-809-7421)
Like New and Partial Refunds
 To Qualify for an like new refund, try garments on your pet over a tee shirt. Try boots or splints on over a sock. Products that qualify for an as new refund are ones that were tried on once, over a sock or tee shirt, didn’t fit, were repackaged in original package with all instructions etc included and returned with our RETURNS AUTHORIZATION FORM including the RMA # issued.
There is NO hair, fur, dirt, soil, smell, scratches or damage on the product.
The product is in its original packaging, folded as delivered. If you carefully removed staples to open the package, DO NOT re-staple it. We will take care of that. A 10% restocking Fee will be charged on all unsealed like new refunds. Please scroll down to view the explanation of the re-stocking fee.
No Refund
If the product has been used, soiled, or damaged (even just a few scratches or scuffs from being tried on) or our staff feels it’s just too gross to clean, or is otherwise not resell-able, we will consider donating the product to a shelter. If you specify, we will donate the product in your pet’s name. Items ordered from other companies through HandicappedPetsCanada.com (Carts, Ramps, Steps, etc.) are warrantied through the manufacturer and cannot be returned to HandicappedPetsCanada.com.

The best way to Assess the condition of the product you are returning is to think if you received this product from HPC in this condition and it had some fur or any damage on it would you accept this as a new product? If the answer is no then your product is more than likely not returnable as this is how we access returns when we receive them from you and we appreciate your understanding.

If you send a product back to us, you may specify that the product be returned to you if a refund is not available. You will be asked to pay shipping. If you decide to refuse the package we will need to charge you for the return shipping

REFUSED DELIVERY: Please do not refuse delivery as we do get charged for this. If you refuse delivery, you will be charged a 10% restocking fee, plus any and all shipping charges for outbound and  the return of your product.

Our Restocking Fee:

The restocking charge covers some of our costs associated with making the product ready to be used on another dog. Like any business, we either have to cover our costs with a restocking charge or by increasing the price of the product — which wouldn’t be fair.

Sometimes we’re asked why we charge a restocking charge when the product is returned in “new” condition. If the box has been opened we have a responsibility to send it through our complete inspection and repackaging process so that we know it will be safe, spotless, and hygienic for the next dog that uses it. Obviously, if you received your products with someone else’s dog hair on it, you would not be pleased. If there is any cleaning needed or if there are any scratches we need to repair or replace items, in which case we deduct these costs from your refund. We take photographs of each cart when it is received so if you have questions about a charge, we are happy to provide you the photos showing why they were applied.

The cart is warranted for one year against defects in workmanship (with the exception of normal wear and tear of the harness and wheels). If something breaks, please let us know and we will repair or replace the cart (at our option). You are responsible for all shipping charges.

Return policy amended 19/11/2016, all refunds prior to this date are finalized under and according to the prior returns policy.

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