Washable Pet Diapers


Each denim garment is lined with a soft plaid flannel fabric for comfort and an absorbent mesh liner for protection from leakage.

MALES NEED A LITTLE EXTRA ROOM: Add 1 size for male. For example a 15-35 lb male will use a Large diaper.

Sample Breeds
Full sizing chart below

 XX-Small Extra Small Toy Breeds, Tiny Puppies
 X-Small Toy Breeds, Young Dogs
Small Maltese, Jack Russell, Pekingese
 Large  Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Collie, Dalmation
 X-Large  Boxer, Doberman, Shepherd, Rottie, Retriever
Size Weight Waist Price
XX-Small Up to 4 lbs 6″-12″ $17.99
X-Small 4-8 lbs 10″-13″ $19.99
Small 8-15 lbs 13″-19″ $21.99
Medium 15-35 lbs 18″-25″ SOLD OUT
Large 35-55 lbs 20″-27″ $23.99
X-Large 55-90 lbs 25″-34″ $24.99

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  • Place a garment pad on the inner side of the diaper (use the woven pattern as a guide for placement). For use on male dogs you will need to place the pad closer to the front of the diaper garment. (Garment Pads Not Included – Garment pads can be found in you local grocery store in the feminine hygiene aisle)
  • Slip your dog’s tail through the hole
  • Pull the garment through your dog’s hind legs and close straps
  • Adjust the straps for a comfortable fit
  • Dispose of used pad properly. Never flush!

Dog Diapers are not returnable