Wellness Wednesday!

By nakedbarra | April 10, 2013

Welcome to another edition of Wellness Wednesdays, where we feature a different Veterinary Clinic each week!

Today we’d like to introduce you all to Alouette Animal Hospital, located at 21409 Lougheed Hwy in Maple Ridge. The staff there, Dr. Michael Orser, Dr. Martin Klein, Dr. Nicole Salloum, Dr. Tanya Neville, Alena, Danica, Jen, Naomi, Ilona, Kelley, Kimmy, Lynette, Marisa, Shawna, Shelley, Sheri, Sue, Tracey, Twyla, and their mascot, Mr. Ausin Powers, would like to share this article that Dr. Orser wrote. imgres-4

Options to give dogs back their mobility” is a very interesting read about ACL damage in large dogs. While browsing their website, I also found this super helpful resource! Their Sick Pet Helper can help determine if your animal needs immediate emergency attention! I clicked through, and all the questions cover everything that could possibly be wrong with your animal. It may save you some vet bills, not to mention the heartache of either over-reacting or under-reacting. 

Visit their website, pop in a visit them, either way… Tell them we sent you



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