Wellness Wednesdays

By nakedbarra | May 29, 2013

Wellness Wednesdays introduces you to Lifetime Pet Care Practice, in Surrey BC. Dr. Yuri Yoon, Dr. Natasa Milojkovic and their staff,  Jen, Laura, Jenn, Leisha, Anita would like to tell you about Shylo. 

Shylo came to Lifetime Pet Care Practice in 2002 looking for a new home. After a short shylo@lifetimewhile everyone fell in love with him and he was here to stay. He was always a very active cat but as he aged we noticed him slowing down. He started having episodes where is hind legs would give out on him and he seemed very painful. Concerned we sent him to the specialist where he was diagnosed with inter vertebral disc disease and he might need surgery one day. Hearing this we all worked hard to keep Shylo on a strict diet to loose weight, gave him supplements and when needed medications to keep him pain free and exercise restrictions. Now at 13 you can find him walking around the clinic happy and healthy.

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