Wellness Wednesdays

By nakedbarra | July 24, 2013

Todays Wellness Wednesdays (unlike other Wednesdays) feature a Veterinary Clinic in jessiethis beautiful province of BC. (I was kidding about ‘unlike last week’, we’ve done this for a while now, every wednesday)

Central Animal Hospital, in Vernon BC, has a resident there that they would like to share with us. Jessie came to see us at Central Animal Hospital, after hours, for a possible fractured leg. Jessie is a nine year old working Border Collie out at Indian Garden Ranch. After doing a physical exam and radiographs, a diagnosis was made of a severe fracture of the left femur. Amputation of the limb was unfortunately the only option for Jessie. This meant that Jessie would no longer be able to be a working dog. Jessie spent about a week in hospital and everyone who worked with her fell in love instantly. Jessie had a few hiccups in her recovery but went home happy and healthy. Once returning to the farm it wasn’t long before she was back to her old four legged self. Once a working dog always a working dog it seems. Even with the loss of her leg Jessie is back to herding cattle faster than ever. Nothing seems to slow her down. What turned out to be a sad, sudden end to Jessie’s working career turned out to be a happy story, just a small obstacle for Jessie to overcome.

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