Wellness Wednesdays

By nakedbarra | June 19, 2013

Little PolarAt Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital, we have a special clinic cat named Polar who is missing her back right leg. She came to us through the SPCA when she only 3-4 month old and was born with her leg deformed. We amputated it at around 6 months of age and she decided she was going to live here!!!! She is a very important part of our team and a self proclaimed celebrity. Having only 3 legs has not slowed Polar down. You can always find Polar snuggling with our patients when they are waking up from a procedure or are in the hospital due to illness. If we have boarding pets she likes to play with and keep them company. Polar also has a section in our bi-monthly newletter called “Polar’s Case of the Month” in which a special case is selected. We couldn’t imagine life in the hospital without her!!! Here is a picture of her which was taken professionally and another of her with my dog Madison when she was waking up from her anesthetic.madison and polar

The Garibaldi Veterinary Hospital, and their staff Dr. Tom Honey, Dr. Angela Dattolico, Deborah, Aliesha, Tracy, Michelle, Lara, Leah, would like to invite you to come visit them at 40376 Tantalus Rd in Garibaldi Highlands and check out their website at www.gvh.ca 


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