Wellness Wednesdays

By nakedbarra | June 12, 2013

Welcome to another instalment of Wellness Wednesdays, where we feature a new MerryVeterinary Clinic in this beautiful province of BC every week on (you guessed it,) Wednesdays.

Today, we’d like to introduce you all to Pacific Cat Clinic in Victoria, Vancouver Island. They would like to to share Merry.

” Merry was with our adoption program and returned to us with a broken leg. Unable to pay for surgery she was surrendered to us by her owner and became the unofficial “clinic cat”. She has since been living with one of our staff members who kennel rested her and did physiotherapy on her for two months. She comes in to visit the clinic staff often and is a real help with the feral kittens and likes greeting people or fellow cats that come in to Pacific Cat Clinic. Merry enjoys playing fetch, chasing after her cat and bunny roommates, and giving kisses.” 




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