Wellness Wednesdays – A Delicate Daisy!

By nakedbarra | March 1, 2017

This little Dachshund’s name is Daisy! You can tell that she’s a huge sweetheart just from looking at her.

Unfortunately, our sweet little Dachshund’s can suffer from a lot of spinal and hind end problems due to their long little backs. Something as simple as jumping off of the couch at the wrong angle or too quickly can put a huge strain on that little back and can cause temporary or even permanent injuries including paralysis.

Little Daisy is brand new to her wheelchair, and her family is so happy to be working towards her having an active life again. They said she’s still a little bit shy with it, but she’s learning and making progress. We’re hoping to receive future updates about Daisy, and can’t wait to see her all warmed up to her new wheelchair!

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