Wellness Wednesdays – Brick

By nakedbarra | January 18, 2017

Brick is a cute little Pug who’s been struggling with hind end mobility, as many dogs unfortunately do. His family sent us some videos of him in his new wheelchair, and this is only day 2 on his Walkin’ Wheels Journey, so he’s adjusting pretty quickly! Dog’s take varying times to adjust to having their wheels on. Just like humans, dogs have a complex emotional side and many of them are resistant to change or may want to prove their independence.

He’s got some pug brothers with him here in these videos, and we highly recommend having other dogs around whenever possible if you are trying to help your dog adjust to their new wheelchair. It makes a world of difference! Dogs are very motivated by friends and family just like we are! They are also very motivated by treats (just like we are!) and as you can see, Brick is getting a nice little treat each time he advances with his wheels.

This is a great strategy!

We received the last video a couple of days after, and his family has given us an update: He’s adjusting more and more everyday! They are very encouraged that this is a good solution for him, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see him in this little outfit.


2 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesdays – Brick

  1. Reply Crystal Bean Jan 20,2017 1:13 pm

    Way to GO Bricky!!!!

    You’ll be rocketing past the other pups in no time! What a wonderful invention.
    So happy to see you getting the hang of your wheelies :)

    Mobility makes for very Happy Puggies !

    Love You,
    Aunty Crystal

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