Wellness Wednesdays – Gizzy

By nakedbarra | March 8, 2017

This week for Wellness Wednesdays, we’ve got a little update on everybody’s special little guy. For those of you who are new and are not familiar with Gizzy, you can check out the story here.

We donated a wheelchair to Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue, as they are caring for this little guy after he was hit by a car, had his leg amputated, and suffered cardiac arrest causing blindness during the surgery! This poor guy had a rough start, however…

The team at Fort Garry Animal Hospital and Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue have informed us that Gizzy is a spunky little guy who loves people, other dogs, and even cats! They said he must have been a drag racer in his previous life, because he’s adjusting really well, and he’s “a Natural”!

Way to go, Gizzy! It’s so rewarding for everybody involved to see how well he is doing already, and to know that his future is so much brighter than his past.





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