Wellness Wednesdays – Hunter

By nakedbarra | May 24, 2017

This week for Wellness Wednesday, we are featuring Hunter. Hunter is the best friend in the whole world, and has been there for his mom through thick and thin. He’s had an injured leg since he was a pup, and the area has started to weaken a bit more due to Hip Dysplasia.

Hunter really likes his walks with his mom and his Pug sister. He’s also the proud owner of a Walkin’ Hock Splint. “He walks like a “tank” with the brace going off trail into the bush.” says Hunter’s mom. “Your product has allowed me to keep my best friend enjoying his walks and not stumble from his weak leg going out from under him.”

The Walkin’ Hock Splint will accommodate injuries to the heel and stabilize the lower rear limb while keeping the paw free. This type of splint is ideal for Achilles Tendon problems and immobilization of the Hock  joint.

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(The Hock splint will support the Hock or heel only and does not extend under the foot or paw of the animal. If full lower limb bracing is needed, please see our Standard Rear Limb Splint.)

We are loving that Hunter can still go for the special walks with his family that he so deserves.





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