Wellness Wednesdays – Lovely Lola

By nakedbarra | January 25, 2017

I think we can all agree that Lola is ADORABLE – just look at that little smile. :)

This picture was taken while she was having her wheelchair fitted and adjusted.  She looks like a sweet dog with a very tolerant temperament!

Lola’s owner sent us a couple of videos of her first time in her wheels and filled us in on how she’s been doing!

“Lola is a 6yr. old Champion Staffordshire Bull Terrier, who has had a remarkable show career with many outstanding wins.  Unfortunately she will not be able to compete this coming Aug. at the Specialty in Calgary, but will make sure she is attending the event and having a great time….

She was very happy to feel like she was on her feet again.  This was at the vets office and she was moving around in it quite easy.  Does not need it now, will eventually sell it, but want to keep it for awhile in case she might need it after the back left leg in removed.  This helped her back right leg to heal enough again to move around on it”

It’s so great to see how well Lola is doing, and even though she won’t be able to compete at her event, it’s truly a blessing that she will be able to attend and enjoy herself!

Check out the videos of Lola trying out her wheelchair for the first time below!

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