Wellness Wednesdays – Nyla

By nakedbarra | December 6, 2016

Today we are featuring 20161118_134028Nyla! She’s a Shepherd and an amputee. Nyla is missing her left rear leg, and has been for a long time. Nyla had adapted to only having three legs, and got around just fine on her own for years! Yet another impressive animal – she never let her circumstances get her down.

Nyla’s family decided that they wanted to help her by getting her a wheelchair. That way, she could take a bit of a load off and have an easier time walking.

The first week or so in the wheelchair, Nyla didn’t seem to like it and her family wasn’t 100 % sure that this was going to work for them. Having only three legs, Nyla was used to walking a certain way, and of course she was probably very proud of her ability to walk independently.

By the end of week #2, we received a phone call saying that Nyla had made progress with her wheelchair! Shown in the video below, she had started to take steps and she definitely seemed motivated to try and get around with her wheelchair. Her family is very excited to see that progress is being made, and we all hope to see videos of a very happy and very mobile Nyla in the near future.

All pets have varying rates that they adjust to a new wheelchair, and we hope Nyla’s story can be a vote of confidence for those who need a little extra time and encouragement. Slow and steady can still win the race. :)

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