Wellness Wednesdays – Winslow

By nakedbarra | June 7, 2017

After Winslow the goat was born, nobody was sure if he was going to make it. It was touch-and-go health wise, and his family didn’t know if the wheelchair was going to help him or not. They decided to rent a wheelchair to see if it was a viable option for him. They rented a small wheelchair initially, because Winslow was still a very small and growing boy.

Recently we got the word that, 6 weeks later, Winslow is doing well and is still growing! They need to return the small wheelchair and rent a larger one now. With Winslow’s projected growth, we think that this wheelchair should be able to adjust to Winslow until he reaches his full growth potential.

Below, you can see the progress that Winslow has been making with his small wheelchair. Due to his condition, everyone is amazed that he is learning how to put his back legs forward to put some work into walking. We’re so pleased for Winslow. And how can you resist that face?

It’s just a miracle that Winslow was lucky enough to have a family willing to do whatever it takes to see him succeed. Even after learning that there was a good chance he might not make it, they put everything into helping him live another day, and that is truly wonderful.

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