Wellness Wednesdays

By nakedbarra | April 3, 2013

From all the responses I’ve replied, this was the human-heart melting submission I received. Manzini Animal Hospital, at 4423 Margaret Street in Port Alberni, BC, really truly LOVES their staff.

“The only thing I could say about our clinic, is all our staff are special to us and we would not like to feature any single person. We all have our special talents and often we get pets here either from the spca or homeless, and it seems someone usually makes a special connection with a particular pet and goes totally out of

imgres-3their  way to give them special care. We have had numerous cats requiring special attention in which our staff voluntarily came in in evenings, on weekends, some even taking them home to provide care. A few dogs as well.

Some pets like Rusty the cat with a wound that would not heal – had several surgeries and eventually healed was adopted by our own vet. Another cat Simon, who as a kitten had neurological problems, which took about 10 months of constant care, found a home. Milani, the wonder cat, who was lost when her family came here on holidays from Las Vegas and was found dying. Our staff got her back and found the owners who came here to get her. No one special thing or event here just lots of love and a few miracles to help us get over the sadness that we also have to deal with. “

Feel free to visit Dr. Andrea Goodson, Dr. Karen Karsten, Dr. Hanna Opetz, Nadine, Pamela, Shannon, Keri, Jennifer & Mirha at http://www.manzinivet.com/en and stay tuned for next weeks Wellness Wednesday!


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