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By nakedbarra | April 15, 2013

Here at HandicappedPetsCanada, we want what is best for your animal. We treat your animal like it was our own, so they receive the best care possible. While we can’t help everyone, we’re happy to offer something that will help you help your pet. 521854_568006206554460_1557097434_n

Introducing Trupanion Pet Insurance

Here are the top 3 reasons to choose Trupanion:

1. Pet insurance can get pretty complicated when you have to sort through several plans and levels. At

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Trupanion, we want to make it simple and easy to understand. Our comprehensive policy covers surgeries, diagnostic tests, medications, mobility aids, treatments and hospital stays if your pet gets sick or injured. We also reimburse from your actual veterinary bill so you don’t have to worry about a predetermined benefit schedule.

Depending on your specific budget and situation, you have the option to choose your own pet health insurance deductible, including the option for no deductible at all. It’s completely flexible and up to you.

Trupanion sets fair pet insurance premiums. Your cost is determined by the breed of your pet, their age at the time of enrollment, their gender and the local costs of veterinary care in your area. Rates will occasionally be adjusted to reflect the current cost of veterinary care in your region, but your pet’s premium will never increase due to your pet aging. That is, we will never raise your rates simply because your pet has a birthday. You will also never be penalized because you file claims. We don’t believe in penalizing unlucky pets. After all, unexpected accidents and illnesses is why you have pet medical insurance in the first place!

2. Trupanion covers 90% of actual veterinary costs for approved accident and illness claims, less the exam fee and optional deductible. Full 90% coverage is available at any veterinary clinic, emergency care center or specialty hospital. Trupanion covers 90% of the actual costs of veterinary care should your pet become sick or injured. This includes diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, treatment, hospitalization, supplements, therapeutic pet foods*, orthotic devices, prosthetic devices, and carts. Medical care from emergency veterinary clinics and veterinary specialists is also covered.

Trupanion covers all the big claims and you are responsible for routine care coverage. Trupanion pet health insurance does not cover expected veterinary costs (the ones that you can plan for) because we believe you should keep the dollars in your pocket rather than paying a pet insurance company to handle your check book. Dollar trading for routine veterinary visits would double monthly premiums without adding additional value. Instead, Trupanion offers an affordable and practical type of pet health insurance that covers major costs that you can’t anticipate.

Let’s use an example. Your new dog hasn’t been himself lately. You bring him to the veterinarian and he’s diagnosed with an illness commonly found in dogs between the ages of 1 and 3 (pneumonia). Due to his weak state, he requires several days in the emergency clinic. After a few weeks of medication, there is little improvement so lung surgery is performed.

As the bills continue to mount and surpass $7,000, you feel secure knowing that at least you have pet insurance. You wonder whether your insurance will cover such a substantial veterinary bill so you quickly call Trupanion. You discuss your cat or dog insurance coverage and payout and are relieved to be reminded that Trupanion pet health insurance has no caps or benefit schedules. Therefore, Trupanion will pay for your current veterinary bills and will continue to pay 90% of all veterinary bills related to this condition.

No surprises, just total protection for your unlucky dog or cat by Trupanion when you need it most.

3. With Trupanion, your pet receives unlimited lifetime pet insurance coverage. Trupanion does not impose any per incident limits, annual limits, or lifetime limits on the amount of care your pet can receive.

Because there are no restrictive limits, you can choose optimal veterinary care for your pet in times of need without having the worry of reaching various limits. We strive to make coverage simple for a policyholder so that they do not need to face the possibility of hitting a financial ceiling or having to “ration” coverage allowances. We are pet owners and pet lovers too, which is why we want to help you provide the best treatment for your dog or cat in case an accident or illness should occur.

With pet medical insurance coverage from Trupanion, you don’t have to worry about any caps, limits, or restrictions. This means you can focus on providing your pet with the best medical care possible to ensure they live a happy and healthy life.


For more information on Trupanion pet insurance, please visit their website for your free quote.



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