Why should my dog wear pet booties?

By nakedbarra | April 22, 2013

Q: Why should my dog wear pet booties?HandicappedPets Canada Wound Bootie

 A:  Sometimes you may want to put on dog footwear to protect your dog from the elements, to provide traction, to protect a wound or just to be stylish. 

A dog that runs a long distance over hard pavement or rough terrain may want to wear a rugged pair of shoes on his front and back feet to protect them. The pads on a dogs feet can wear out during a long run and shoes can help keep your dogs feet from getting hurt.

Pavement that is hot can burn your dog’s feet. A dog that walks on hot pavement, rocks or sidewalks should wear durable dog footwear on their feet to protect them from the hot ground in hot weather.

Cold weather can also be hard on paws. Sled dogs wear booties to protect their paws when the temperatures get cold. Ice, sleet and snow can be very hard on exposed flesh and paws do not have any fur covering the bottom. With pet shoes, dogs can keep running much longer then if they did not have booties on.

Pet boots for dogs can help protect the joints in a dogs legs since they add some padding when the dog is walking or running.

Certain dogs may naturally have tender feet and they may benefit from wearing booties to keep their feet from cracking and drying out. If your dog has tender feet you may want to have the dog wear booties when they go outside anytime.

If your dog has an injury on his paw, Wound Boots would be the best dog shoes for him. A lightweight, breathable boot that eliminates licking of a wound, therefore reducing 303W_L5infections.

 A dog that slips on hardwood and laminate floors would benefit from a simple boot with grips on the bottom, providing him with enough traction to be anti-slip. 

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