Your pet keeps you healthy

By nakedbarra | May 24, 2013

We’ve written a lot about pets and their health. How to keep them healthy, how toIMG_1882 prevent them from being unhealthy, how to maintain their health once they get older, how to do a wellness check, and how to cope with an animal whose very unhealthy.

How do pets affect our health? Good question.

Basic answer? Very ‘paws’ itivly.


Our lives are stress filled little balls of fire. It’s a constant and consistent up, down, up, down, sideways, loop-de-loop and just when we think things are okay, we’re sent propelling straight back down to restart the whole process again. It’s okay, that’s what keeps us on our toes and well, alive. However, even Superman has his down days, with the couch calling you, begging you to come lay on it, in your own little ball of seclusion.

Just at the moment when you’ve settled on the couch in a feat of despair, that furry little thing walks under your hand, forcing a pet out of you. Your mood lifts a little, and then that big slobbery kiss comes. You’re reminded how much this little (or not so little) guy needs you, and you get up off the couch and continue on with your day. Its not guilt talking, your pet has actually lifted your spirits, calmed your mind and is helping your over-all health as well. Here are some other ways your pet keeps you healthy


It is fun to play. After a stress filled day, it’s fun to just throw a ball, wrestle, practice some tricks and generally have a great time with your dog. This is a very good stress reliever.


Ears open. Since they can’t talk back, pets are great listeners. They get some pets, you get some things off your chest. Win-win situation, especially since sometimes it’s easier to work out a problem if you say it out loud.


Smiling is contagious.  I’ve seen dogs smile before, and it’s hard to not break out in your own toothy grin when you see your pooch smile.


Unconditional Love. This is one of my favorite things about animals. If you’re nice to them, they will love you absolutely unconditionally. This is especially good for those days when you aren’t feeling the greatest, whether it’s emotionally, physically or mentally. Your animal doesn’t care; he will come up and expect belly rubs regardless.


Gets you outside! Knowing your pet needs at least 30 minutes of exercise a day is a great excuse to go outside for a walk. The vitamin D will help you too, as well as the endorphins released during the exercise. Try a new route to keep things interesting.


Socialization.  The dog park is the perfect place to meet new friends that have common interests – Dogs! While your pooch is off playing with his friends, you can sit and discuss all your favorite things (and not so favorite things) about your furry companions.


Alone Time. Best part of going to the dog park? Getting to come home and be alone. Since dogs can’t talk back (I’m sure they’d have a lot of random things to say if they could), they are the perfect companions to have around when you want to be alone, but not actually be completely alone. Cats will also come and cuddle and purr you right to sleep.


Petting relieves stress. A consistent stroking motion on a soft warm service has been proven to reduce stress. It’s a good time to expel your tension and just relax. Almost as good as a bubble bath.


When your mind is a cluster of useless information, daily stress and other peoples problems, it’s hard to not be distracted at all times. A pet is a great way to keep you level and in the present. You’re responsible for someone else’s eating, sleeping and general wellbeing.


Lessens allergies.  Children who are exposed to pet dander when they are younger, have a stronger immune system and less of a chance of developing asthma and allergies.


Purpose. For those really bad days, when you haven’t even made it out of bed, let alone to the couch, your pet will be there to give you a sense of purpose. Like I said, you’re solely responsible for this animal, his wellbeing and making sure he’s happy and healthy. He knows that he’s keeping you healthy, so lets return the favor. 

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