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Features:  Choosing a splint or brace
  • Walkin splints can help keep the dog or cats limb in a “normal walking position”, thus allowing weight bearing of the affected limb.
  • Provides extra support for fractures of the lower limb.
  • Stabilization for arthritic joints and tendon/ligament weakness.
  • Reduces the costs associated with bandaging, de-gloving injuries and casting.
  • Prevents knuckling of lower limbs associated with nerve paralysis.
  • Ease of application and lightweight construction increases owner and patient compliance.
  • Dog Splints and a Cat Brace keep the lower limb in a normal position to reduce contractual problems.
  • Immobilization for post-operative and rehabilitation.
  • Full range of sizes for almost all ages and sizes of dogs and cats is available.
  •  Please always check with and follow the advice of your Veterinarian to assist you in choosing the correct splint/brace and size for your pets condition.
  • Use the diagram below to help narrow down which splints/braces could help for different parts of the limbs.
  • Please keep in mind, the Walkin’  Splints / Braces are designed to support the lower part of the legs only. They will not stabilize the Elbow, Knee,Hips or Shoulders.
  • Click here for the OrthoDog Hip Hound Brace.
  • The Walkin Splints and Braces are made to fit almost all dog and cat generic leg structures and some dogs and cats may not like wearing these devices or boots, keep this in mind.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

frontsplintThe Walkin’ Front Leg Splint

Designed to extend completely under the foot. The Front limb splints will support the Carpal or wrist joint and extend to mid-forearm. The Splints will not support injuries to the animals Elbow or Shoulder.


What will the Front Leg Splint support?
Front Leg Y Rear Leg N
Carpal/Wrist Y Hock/Ankle N
Elbow N Stifle/Knee N
Front Paw Y Rear Paw N

carpalThe Walkin’ Carpal Splint

A light weight brace designed to support the carpal joint. Ideal for tendon and ligament damage and stabilization after surgical procedures.

What will the Carpal Splint support?
Front Leg Y Rear Leg N
Carpal/Wrist Y Hock/Ankle N
Elbow N Stifle/Knee N
Front Paw N Rear Paw N

rearsplint2The Walkin’ Rear Limb Splints

Designed to support the lower aspect of the rear limb and extend up and over the Hock or Heel of the animal. These Splints do extend completely under the foot.

What will the Rear Limb Splint support?
Front Leg N Rear Leg Y
Carpal/Wrist N Hock/Ankle Y
Elbow N Stifle/Knee N
Front Paw N Rear Paw Y

hock splintThe Walkin’ Rear Hock Splint


Accommodate injuries to the heel and stabilize the lower limb while keeping the paw free. This type of splint will support a variety of tendon and ligament issues.

What will the Rear Hock Splint support?
Front Leg N Rear Leg Y
Carpal/Wrist N Hock/Ankle Y
Elbow N Stifle/Knee N
Front Paw N Rear Paw N

bootieThe Walkin’ Bootie Splint”

Support the lower aspect of the rear or front limb. This brace extends under the paw for knuckling problems and digit injuries.

What will the Bootie Splint support?
Front Leg Y Rear Leg Y
Carpal/Wrist N Hock/Ankle N
Eblow N Stifle/Knee N
Front Paw Y Rear Paw Y

hochholderThe Walkin’ Hock Wrap 

A comfortable wrap to help support the hock joint – Found on a dog’s back leg below the knee. This joint corresponds to the ankle on a human.

How will the Hock Wrap help my dog?

Designed to fit the natural angle of the Hock

Supports the joint Medially and Laterally

Prevents over extension of the Hock joint

Lessens strain on the Hock joint

wristwrapThe Walkin’ Wrist Wrap

Fitted directly above each paw, the wrist wrap lends support to the muscles and tendons of the wrist and leg.

How will the Wrist Wrap help my dog?

Stabilizes your dog’s forearm bones

Lends support to the muscles and tendons of the wrist and leg

Made from a comfortable Neoprene

When secured properly, does not interfere with the flexion of the paw

Handicapped Pets Canada No-KnucklingThe Walkin’ No-Knuckling Training Sock 

A lightweight, comfortable and convenient training support for dogs who are dragging their back legs. Designed to enhance the proprioceptive reflex and are available in four sizes for a perfect fit.

How will a No-Knuckling Sock help my pet?
Provides training support for a dog dragging back legs Designed to enhance proprioception (pet’s sense of own movement)
Perfect for rehabilitative use for pets that are recovering from spinal surgery

Helps correct gait and improve hind paw placement

We now carry Ortho Dog Hip Hound Braces, wrist wraps and hock holders!


What will the Hip Hound Brace help with?

Helps decrease discomfort of Arthritis

Gives support for mild to moderate Hip Dysplasia

Helps decrease inflammation during activity

Helps to decrease hip pain

Relief for lower back pain or weakness

Helps minimize back leg limping

Appropriate for puppies and younger dogs

Appropriate for older dogs

Provides support during recovery from surger

Provides support after injury