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If you care for an aging, disabled, or injured pet, you’ve come to the right place! We’re your Canadian Pet Mobility Specialist. We provide devices like Wheelchairs, Splints, Lifting aids, and more for aged and special needs pets to help you help them!  Pets all over the world are benefitting from the use of these progressive aids.


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Before and After Video of Goose the Boston Terrier!
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Quad Carts – Our Friend Wheeler

Quad Carts - Our Friend Wheeler
  Today we received a video of our friend Wheeler going on a “walk” (a run!) in his Quad Cart. Wheeler has a neurological condition and an underdeveloped spine, and used to use a rear only wheelchair, but a few months ago his front legs started to weaken and have some issues. He was doing ...

Wellness Wednesdays – Marley

Wellness Wednesdays - Marley
Today we’re featuring this beautiful girl Marley. Her mom sent us over a video of her using her Walkin’ Wheels for the first time and it was so long that we had to shorten it to upload it! This girl was immediately motoring around in her wheels. Her mom said she wasn’t nervous at all ...

Wellness Wednesdays – Winslow

Wellness Wednesdays - Winslow
After Winslow the goat was born, nobody was sure if he was going to make it. It was touch-and-go health wise, and his family didn’t know if the wheelchair was going to help him or not. They decided to rent a wheelchair to see if it was a viable option for him. They rented a ...