Cats versus Dogs

By nakedbarra | February 20, 2013

We’ve covered the domestication, the senses(from part 1), the intelligence and the diet(in part 2) of our wonderful furry friends. Now the fun part… How much will they cost?

In the 12-14 years that your cat is expected to be your companion, you will spend an average of $1,035 in the first year of her life, and an average of $670 every year after that. Dogs break down in categories by size, with an average life expectancy of 12-15 years. Small dogs in their first year cost $1,314 on average, with $580/year after that. Medium dogs are a bit more, with a $1,580 dent in your bank for the first year, and about $695/year onwards. Large dogs come in with the biggest costs, with a whopping $1,843 for the first year and $875/year after that. These all include first year costs of being spayed/neutered, other medical issues, collar/leash, litter/scratching tower for cats, cage/crate for large dogs, carrier bag for small dogs and cats as well as training classes. Reoccurring costs in the years following include food, medical issues, litter, licenses, toys/treats, pet insurance and miscellaneous costs.

Recap? A cat will cost you an average $9,075 in 12 years of life, and a small dog is close with $8,274 in 12 years. These are all just estimates that will vary with your individual animal and location.

Either then

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they’re both mammals and all the usual similarities between cats and dogs, its remarkable how they’re both able to overcome obstacles. viagra online Many dogs and cats live with 3 legs, bad joints, bone problems and other illnesses. Those are the animals that pull on my heart strings. Seeing sad looking dogs being carried in here by their moms and dads, and then after being fitted with the cart, the sudden realization that they’re like new again. They can walk and run and play just like they used to, or just like their friends. I’m happy that we provide wheelchairs, harnesses, slings and so much more to help assist our furry friends. I’m not going to be able to choose between Cats and Dogs, there are too many pros and cons to each for me to be able to decide. I guess I’ll just have to love equally and continue to help. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on Cats versus Dogs (check out part one here and part two here!) Plus anything else you’d like me to look into and write about! 

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