Wellness Wednesday!

By nakedbarra | March 20, 2013

Without our pets, we would be nothing. However, without our Veterinarians  our pets could be nothing. That is what lead me to want to feature a different clinic from our beautiful province each week. From the amazing staff that keeps all the wheels running, to the in-house animals that add the character to the place and the Vets themselves that put all their time and effort into helping our pets, I’m willing to bet there are a ton of clinics you’ve never heard of, with services you never dreamed of.

I’ve asked all the hospitals and clinics to send me something they’d like to feature about their place. I was floored by the variety of responses! Some are going to send information about their staff, an amazing tip they have, a patient or their own experiences. I’m really looking forward to posting these all!

This week I’d like to feature Townline Veterinary Hospital, located at 31205 Maclure Rd  Abbotsford, BC. Their staff, Dr. Drew Hilts, Lori and Nichelle, sent me a little about 480_360_csupload_27561817Shylo, a female mixed breed (looks like Border Collie X Bernese Mountain Dog). Shylo is being fostered by one of our staff because she was abandoned at an animal shelter due to medical problems. Shylo has severe hip dysplasia and will likely need surgery in the future. Tuesdays Shylo swims at K9H2O and comes to work at our Veterinary Hospital.

Please visit www.townlineveterinaryhospital.com for more information on Shylo and the staff. 

K9H2O is an AMAZING pool here in Abbotsford, BC which offers a multitude of services for your pet. Our focus is to assist those animals that need special attention for a disability or ailment however we don’t just stop there. We also offer recreational swimming, long jumping, life-saving techniques and more. For more information on them please go to http://www.k9h2o.net/contact/


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