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By nakedbarra | June 5, 2013

At Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic, located at 101B 45793 Luckakuck Way in Chilliwack BC, They have a permanent resident, Lily, who came to our clinic after becoming acutely paralyzed in her hind end at only 8 weeks old.  As there is no known treatment to improve her condition quickly she became the newest member of our team here at Cottonwood Clinic. We all love her and are not looking for an adoptive home. We purchased a cart for her and she is quickly learning to maneuver and get around with her cart.  The cart will prevent the back legs from losing muscle mass and hopefully give her spinal cord opportunity to regenerate and perhaps re-gain some use. She is continuing to make great gains.DSC_0755

When you visit Lily, please note that she is very friendly, feel free to pet her (but please don’t give her treats, we are watching her weight!)  She loves other dogs and may run up to your pet to visit. If your pet is uncomfortable with this, do not hesitate to ask our staff to take Lily her bed. We want your pet to feel safe and comfortable in our clinic. 

Visit their staff, Dr. Maarhuis, Dr. Selander, Rachel, Vicki, Altea, Shannon, and their website at http://www.cottonwoodclinic.ca/

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