Wellness Wednesdays – Bella

By nakedbarra | December 28, 2016


Meet Bella!

Bella is an adorable St. Bernard who has just started out on her Walkin’ Wheels journey. As you can see, Bella is very beautiful and VERY BIG! Helping a big dog like Bella through mobility issues can be extremely difficult on the family. Of course it’s always difficult when a family member is struggling, and when they are very heavy it can cause an added physical strain.

Here’s what Bella’s family had to say now that she’s using her new Walkin’ Wheels:

“She took to it like a duck to water, as soon as I put it on she was off exploring. We can now go for walks without worrying about falls & tripping and we can get home without being stiff and sore for days.”

Being a Veterinary Health Care Professional, Bella’s owner knows quite a bit about the many benefits of increased mobility for pets.

“Mobility is such a huge tool to keeping older pets healthy and happy!  Not only does it help keep Bella moving but I’ve seen so many older pets suffer from torn ACLs or strained muscles from trying to enjoy themselves, it’s given me such peace of mind knowing that with her new wheels the chances of injury have greatly fallen!”

“…Just about everyone in my tiny town has complimented her cart and how great it looks!! It’s so easy to adjust and I’m so happy for that, it fits easily in a car without have to struggle, I just fold the wheels in and pop them back out when we get to where we are going.”

 There are a couple videos below of Bella enjoying her new wheels. The second video is one of Bella’s favourite places!

“This is a favourite spot of our to play in the snow and enjoy the wilderness, we visit just about every day but this is the first time in about 6 months that Bella has been allowed off leash, before, I didn’t want her to hurt herself playing but now I don’t have to worry! Daisy, who is 11, is pretty happy to be able to adventure with her sister again <3”

We are thrilled that Bella is enjoying her special place again!


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