Wellness Wednesdays – UPDATE! – Brick

By nakedbarra | May 17, 2017

Brick is a sweet little pug who you may remember from one of our previous blog posts. Brick warmed our winter days with photos of his adorable outfits, rocking his new Walkin’ Wheels. At the time, Brick was still getting used to his wheels.

We received an update from his family recently, and Brick is getting stronger all the time!

Just wanted to drop another quick note on Brick’s progress. He’s doing so much better. It’s taken awhile for him to get strong enough to pull his wheelie, because to get back home, it’s all uphill. What a trooper! (He is my inspiration.)”

In fact, his mom even said that she has to keep him on leash in certain areas to keep him from taking things a little too far!

“Brick often decides to take a quick left or right and tries to head straight over and down the sides of the trails we walk at times. First time he did it, I aged 10 years…”

We’re glad you’re keeping everyone on their toes, Brick, but try not to give us all a heart attack, OK? ;)

Check out this adorable video of Brick. You can really see how happy he is.

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